You have reached my academic website. Welcome!

I have obtained my PhD in Programming Languages at MPI-SWS (Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, Saarbrücken, Germany) and Saarland University in January 2018. I was advised by Deepak Garg.

I am currently a Software Engineer at Facebook’s Static Analysis team, Infer. Nowadays, I am working on a static analysis tool for detecting performance regressions at diff time.

My research interests are
  • type systems with an emphasis on refinements, dependent types, and resource usage
  • incremental computation
  • relational reasoning
  • bidirectional programming.

I graduated from Bilkent University’s Computer Engineering Department in 2011.



Workshop Publications


The last unpublished part of my PhD is finally accepted to PLDI’19!

I am done with my PhD!

I am invited to the Dagstuhl Seminar on “Resource Bound Analysis“.

I have attended to the NII Schonan Meeting on “Semantics of Effects, Resources and Applications” in Shonan Village near Tokyo, Japan.

I have attended the Dagstuhl Seminar on “Programming Language Techniques for Incremental and Reactive Computing“.

I recently completed a research internship on bidirectional graph transformations at National Institute of Informatics (NII) in Tokyo, Japan. I worked on a proof system for guaranteeing free-edits to bidirectional graph transformations with Asst. Prof. Soichiro Hidaka at Programming Research Lab.


First Place (Graduate), ACM Student Reseach Competiton at POPL 2015, Mumbai, India

Recipient, Google Anita Borg Scholarship in 2012, EMEA.




A Type System for Incremental Computational Complexity. (appeared on POPL’14 Student Poster Session and MPI-SWS’13 Advisory Board Meeting)

Workshops/Summer Schools

If you are interested in type systems or functional programming, here is a list of summer schools and workshops you can attend:

PLMW  co-located with POPL.

MGS organized  in the UK.

OPLSS in Eugene, OR.


I am a fan of ScienceSLAMs -10 minute entertaining research talks for human beings-. You can watch my ScienceSLAM talk from CEBIT’13.